Brief presentation

Comergon is an Hellenic Company of Risk Management and Insurance Brokerage, that specialized on global accounts being held by multinational companies of either Greek or foreign origin, as well as selected individuals.

  • Year of establishment: 1997/ insurance course of the stockholders since 1970

  • Share capital: €300.000,00

  • Company’s owned premises: Since 2002, at Marousi, Athens

  • Subsidiaries: Cyprus & Egypt

  • Employees: 15 employees and 5 external consultants

  • Representations: CIRCLES MGA Underwriters (insurance covers for films and events), EQUITY PARTNERS GLOBAL (Insurance covers for Mergers and Acquisitions)

  • Fiscal Representations: Fiscal Reps, Uniqa General & Uniqa Liafe, GAN Eurocourtage Iard.

  1. Social Awareness

    Our corporate governance reflects our philosophy in concepts that are undisputable values to us, such as Transparency, Meritocracy, Responsibility, Quality, Innovation, business Ethics as well as “long life learning”, incorporating actions for Social Corporate Responsibility, towards the Society, the Market, the Social Partners as well as the Environment.

    Abiding to rules that are connected with our profession, such as Codes of Ethics, Compliances with the Greek and European Laws and regulations.

  2. Targeted Development Strategy

    Our services are focused in providing specialized insurance information, and are extended to management and risk prevention for Greek businesses operating locally or abroad, for multinational businesses operating locally, as well as private clients.


  3. Product Lines of Development

    Our Company has the know-how, the experience and international connections that allow us to provide insurance services which fulfill the needs of our clients, business or private wise, in practically all sectors or types of insurance plus consultation on risk management of the business community.

  4. Evaluated Cooperation’s

    We choose and cooperate with high rated insurance companies, Greek and foreign ones, so that we can provide first class services, placing the risks not only in the Greek market but also abroad.

  5. Extroversion – Strategic Partnerships

    Our Company has highly developed its extroversion, being at the beginning of its multinational presence by having affiliates in Cyprus «Comergon Holding Ventures Ltd», and Egypt «Comergon Egypt Risk Managers Insurance Brokers».

    We currently represent, exclusively, for Greece, Cyprus and Egypt 5 International Insurance Brokers' Networks: WBN, TRC, EURIBRON, WING, UNISON, with participations of more than 300 brokers from over than 100 countries all over the world. That gives us the opportunity to serve and develop global accounts for Greek enterprises operating abroad but also foreign enterprises operating in Greece and additionally we gain the advantage of getting a life-long know how.

  6. Our Vision and our Target

    Company’s vision as well as target is its lasting development and sustainability, which, in its turn, provides an added value to our cooperations, making us the “Strategic Ally” of a businessman and ensuring the interests of all parties.

Chief Executive Officer of the Company: George D. Zafiriou ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )