the long road to today

Our professional history in the area of the Greek Private Insurance goes as far back as 1970. During these 40+ years until today, our constant and conscientious presence transformed a “family business” into a dynamic firm of insurance Brokers which, from the year of Comergon’s foundation in 1997, specializes in providing insurance consulting and management services to Greek and multinational companies as well as high net worth individuals.

Since 2002 our corporate residence is at Maroussi, Athens, Greece, in an elegant company-owned building. Our firm presently employs 15 experienced executives, in the administrative sector, plus 4 executives in sales promotion sector, and 2 non-employed counselors.

Beside Comergon’s main activity on the insurance market and the memberships with Associations and Chambers that go with its profession, the firm has developed social activities by being supporting member to several organizations while developing at the same time environmental cooperations with institutions, represents foreign insurance firms and participates in researches regarding social and scientific aspects.

As of 2008 Comergon’s CEO is George D. Zafiriou, bringing our firm into the second generation, while Dimitris G. Zafiriou and his wife Katie Zafiriou, the founders, are today Chairman ex-officio and Chairman of the Board respectively.

…with a past, a present and a future