corporate infrastructure

Our corporate commitments consist of Compliance
to relevant local and European legislation,
Certifications and Codes of Ethics,
all of them being the prerequisites
of an orderly and lawful company.


  • Licence  from the Data Protection Authority
  • Procedures for avoidance and prevention of Money Laundering
  • Principles of Operation & Evaluation Criteria for Management  Practices and Internal Audit, which aim to preserve credibility, the establishment of mechanisms for proper, timely and accurate servicing, prompt complaint handling.
  • Directives of BIPAR  (European Federation of Insurance Brokers) and ECI (European Insurance Committee)  in as far as range and adequacy of information given by insurance brokers to their clients.
  • Regulations  and commitments regarding the use of the Website of the Company
  • The right to object and/or retreat of the policy holder, and
    Professional Liability Insurance Policy, Effected through Lloyds’ of London


  • Comergon's and CEO's Broker Licence
  • Chartered Status of all personnel and in-house intermediaries

Codes of Ethics and Practices

  • Hellenic Insurance Brokers Association regulations which define the Insurance broker's conduct towards the Social Partners.
  • Δ.Ε.Ι.Α., which lists the principles and commitments of the insurance brokers in exercising their profession as well as transparency and business ethics.

Comergon has appointed an internal Compliance Officer who is in charge of monitoring the in-house application of the relevant Legislation, Decrees, the regulation of the Bank of Greece as well as the European Community Guidelines.

…with responsibility and transparency