Comergon's Compensation Policy

Comergon is committed to acting in its clients’ best interests by providing quality products and services that meet as well as anticipate our clients’ risk management needs.

Comergon is compensated for its services principally through commissions paid by insurance companies and fees paid by clients.

It is a long-standing practice in the insurance industry for insurance companies and other intermediaries to also compensate insurance agents and brokers based on factors including aggregate volume, persistency and profitability of the business. These arrangements are typically referred to as contingencies or overrides.

Comergon has a variety of these compensation arrangements with insurance companies and
Intermediaries, none of which is client specific.  Comergon’s business model seeks to ensure that these compensation arrangements do not, in any way, prejudice Comergon’s judgment as an insurance consultant nor diminish Comergon’s ability to serve appropriately the needs of clients with whom Comergon transacts insurance.

We believe that these arrangements enhance our ability to access global insurance markets and to negotiate favorable terms and conditions on behalf of our clients. If you have any questions with regard to our compensation arrangements, we invite you to contact George Zafiriou, CEO, at +30 210 6196525 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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