servicing our insured clients

Comergon’s "customer focused philosophy, consisting of Responsible Entrepreneurship, doing Business with Social Face,  Corporate Governance and Corporate Compliance, is such that since the very beginning of our introduction to a prospective client, and his decision to place his insurance interests with us, he enjoys the full package of our services.

Through an environment based on trust, security and honest relations, our insured will keep enjoying our utmost services for as long as he keeps his insurance interests with our Company.

During the first phase of risk evaluation COMERGON:

  1. Studies the insurance details of the person or Company to be insured, and according to his specific needs identifies innovative insurance covers based on best value for money criteria.
  2. Expzores among reliable and creditable Insurance organizations the best and most advantageous quotation.
  3. Upon reception of the insurance policies and before these are delivered to our client, they are thoroughly checked out for full agreement with the proposal forms in as far as covers, exemptions, deductibles etc. are concerned, to make sure that all is in order.

During the period that the insurance policies are valid:

  1. Makes sure that policies are updated with any changes of the risk insured
  2. Renegotiates the insurance terms at the time of their renewal
  3. Manages client’s claims so that they are effectively and promptly compensated
  4. Keeps statistical analysis of claims, make propositions for improvement of the risk environment thus aiming to reduction of losses.
  5. Keeps a regular contact with the clients, etc.

Finally Comergon, throughout its cooperation with the clients supports the procedures of effective servicing of the policyholders by sending (every two months) a newsletter, by organizing professional workshops to which clients are invited to participate, by publishing articles of its executives at the economic and professional press – all of which are announced in its continuously updated site.

Customers Survey aims at providing added value and the privilege of competitiveness to Comergon’s clientele.  The sustainability of our portofolio is identified and proven by our “Clientele Satisfaction Research”, which Comergeon prosecutes as of 2012 and which includes the “sustainability indicator”.  Our “satisfied” employees, to whom we have ensured ideal working conditions, as well as lifelong training, contribute a  great deal  and successfully so, to the achievement of customers sustainability.

Our target is to convert each prospective customer to a definite customer, then to a “satisfied” customer and then to a customer who will be our advocate, leading to become our “Ambassador” for future customers.

Last but not least, and in order that Comergon handles effectively any complaints, has established special directives towards its personnel, studying and evaluating all available information deriving from this procedure, so that correction measures towards actions and behaviors are taken, thus leading our performance to even better standards.

Kindly fill up and send to us the form “Comergon Customers Satisfaction Survey”.